Jesus' miraculous healing in the Gospels was almost always accompanied by a "touch" from His hand. In this age, the physician's "touch" is an indispensable part of ministry to the body and soul of the patient. Medical care without compassion is of limited, temporal effectiveness. Compassionate medical care shines like a bright light in cultures where medicine, if available at all, is often dispensed impersonally. The Benin Clinic Project strives to always offer compassionate medical care to any individual who seeks it, regardless of their status, ethnicity, or religious background.


In spite of the difficulties posed by operating a medical clinic in a resource-limited environment, a goal of the Benin Clinic Project will always be to provide the best medical care possible. A permanent medical clinic offers the possibility of follow-up care that is not possible in mobile, field clinics in remote areas. Our goal is to extend care beyond one-time treatments to have a longer term impact on the lives of patients. Record-keeping will be essential to tracking the effectiveness of care provided to individuals. Personnel and volunteers in-country will make decisions on how the resources of the clinic are used. They will regularly account to the project's senior leaders in Benin and in the U.S.


Initially, the Benin Clinic Project will be staffed by one experienced national health care provider and local volunteers. The clinic will be augmented by visiting teams of volunteer doctors, dentists, nurses, and other professonals. As the clinic grows in size, our goal is to train nationals to assume more duties and provide expanded health care. Teams of medical volunteers will spend a portion of their time training clinic staff. When volunteers have unique medical skills, visiting teams will be able to perform specialized care and surgeries that cannot be provided by resident staff.


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