church-planting-smallChurch planting stands as the end goal of the Benin Clinic Project.  It is our aim to see churches raised up in northern Benin that will direct the praise and glory to Christ that He so richly deserves.  It is our hope to transform this region from a spiritualy dry and barren place to a vibrent example for Christ.

discipleshipAs we work with local missionaries and pastors, discipleship will be a key component to reaching our goal of seeing churches planted in the surrounding regions of norther Benin.  This discipleship will take place in formal Bible institute stetings, as well as in regular day-to-day operations of the Benin Clinic.

evangelismThe philosophy of the Benin Clinic Project is to focus our health care resources on evangelism and church planting.  It would be easy to become consumed with dental and medical care to relieve human suffering or to meet people's daily health care needs. These needs can be daunting in their magnitude when a few medical providers face an overwhelming number of people who seek help each day. We remain confident because our ministry of compassion in northern Benin is ultimately aimed toward the souls of men, women, and children. Our unique application of dental and medical evangelism, limited though it may be, will have a more profound impact in eternity. 

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