The evangelistic emphasis of the Benin Clinic Project will always remain in the forefront. The clinic building and facilities will also be used by the local church leadership and visiting teachers for training others for the ministry. The clinic environment will become a place where many people from the community gather for medical treatment and health education. This will open opportunities for students to receive practical experience in evangelism and Bible teaching.


Visiting teams of medical professonals from the U.S. will spend a portion of their time training clinic staff. But training will not be limited to only medical procedures. Other team professionals will use teach-the-teacher materials to give nationals the skills they need to then teach classes such as pre-natal care, child nutrition, family hygiene, etc.


In addition to training clinic staff, visiting medical teams will offer free medical and dental training to other health care professionals in the northern Benin region. This willingness to share experience and knowledge will promote goodwill in the community and reduce the impression that the clinic is in competition with the national health care service.

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