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As you would expect, this didn't all happened without Africa throwing a few wildcards into the mix. Below is a brief report on the delivery of the container.


The container was scheduled to arrive in Boiffo on Thursday.  Thursday soon became Friday.  Friday morning the truck was only 76 miles south and was expected to arrive by 9am.  By noon the truck hadn't shown and when all attempts to make contact with the driver had failed Chris lead a search party.  60 miles down the road they found the truck sitting with a blown tire.  The tire was replaced and the convoy proceeded at 15 mph down the highway. Five miles out of Guene she broke down again.  When the truck finally arrived in Guene, it was in no shape to handle any challenging terrain, so more road work had to be done just to get it off the tarmac.  By now it was dark.  At least the truck was in Guene.  More repairs would be made that night.  All that was left was the five miles of dirt that leads out to Boiffo.  


Saturday morning the truck took off for Boiffo.  By 1 pm it was finally backed up in place at the west side door of the clinic building. Fabricated ramps were put in place.   A great group of villager and church people gathered to help unload.  Pastor Isaac lead in a word of prayer of thanksgiving to God.  Instructions were given, and the doors were opened.  By 6:30 pm it was all over.  Everything had been removed from the container without damage.  The container itself had been dropped onto the concrete pad poured for it, and the truck driver was free to go.  We will post pictures and video  


We are so grateful to Chris and Diane Marine, and Joe and Amy Marshall for their many hours spent in 100-degree weather welding and manufacturing the ramps, fixing the road, pouring the slab, planning the unloading process, repairing the truck, leading the search party, and countless other details that made this all possible.   We are also thankful for Pastor Isaac and his leadership in helping to mobilize many people to allow the successful delivery of the container.

 We've seen our Lord provide for the cost of clearing and transporting the container in an incredible way.  This gives us great confidence as we forge ahead knowing that our short sightedness does not mean that God's hand is slack.  “God's work done in God's way will never lack God's supply."  Many of you have been the source of "God's supply" for this need and the many other needs associated with the clinic ministry.  Thank you.

Thank you for praying; God answered your prayers! 

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