building progress june 2015

Progress on the Benin clinic building has been steady during the intense heat of the last few months. March through June are the hottest months in Northern Benin. During these months temperatures routinely reach 110oand higher. Despite the heat, the corrugated metal roof is now in place and the building is ready for the rainy season. The water table is at its lowest now and this gives us the opportunity to dig the well deeper. The completion of the roof marks a transition for work to begin on the interior of the main clinic building; moving forward, most of the work will be finish work. Last week the ceilings were installed and most of the electrical line has been run to the 110/220 volt outlets, lights, fans, and other power needs. Since there is no utility power, everything will run on solar energy. Plastering the interior and exterior walls is the next major project. Once plastering is done, the inside floors and walls (up to a height of four feet) will be tiled. We expect to complete the main clinic building this fall.

The rain will bring some cooler weather over the next few months; it will also soften the ground and allow us to break ground on a number of other projects including the evangelism center, two missionary/staff houses, and a perimeter wall around the missionary houses. The missionary houses are needed for Dr. Steve and Katrina Boutrus and for Joe and Amy Marshall who will be arriving on the field in the fall of 2016. We are excited that God has called these couples into ministry and we look forward to the impact that they will have for Christ.

Please continue to pray with us for the many financial and logistical needs connected to clinic construction and outfitting over the next year, as well as the relocation of the Boutrus and Marshall families and their adjustment to life in Africa.

We praise the Lord for all He has allowed us to accomplish thus far. The clinic building, though unfinished, is a visible testament to God’s grace. It stands each day before an unsaved people in the area as a reminder of the Christian’s God.

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