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Please pray for the Benin Field Team that will be leaving the U.S. on Sunday, December 1st for two weeks of dental and medical evangelism. The team will be joined in Benin by Dr. Carol Loescher and nurse Ellen Doyle who are serving the Lord in Cameroon as missionaries with Gospel Fellowship Association. We thank God for the opportunity to work with these experienced medical missionaries, local missionaries Colin and Teena Ovenell, and national believers in and around the mostly Muslim village of Boifo. This trip will continue preparations for building a permanent medical clinic in Benin as a hub for gospel outreach in the northern region of the country.

Please pray for:

  • Safe and on-time flight connections for both members traveling from the U.S. and from Cameroon
  • Safety in travel, especially in Niger on December 1-2 and 12
  • Smooth passage through Customs and Immigration
  • Good health and safety of the team while in Benin
  • Wisdom and effectiveness in treating physical needs
  • God's care of family members left behind in the States
  • Local believers and leaders to take full advantage of this opportunity to share the gospel
  • Open hearts to receive the gospel as it is shared one-on-one and in evangelistic services
  • Effective gospel witness among Muslim patients
  • Unity and spiritual growth among our Benin team comprising US team, host missionaries and national pastors
  • Missionaries Colin and Teena Ovenell, our host and local organizer
  • For God to be glorified in each aspect of the ministry
  • Wisdom with regard to future ministry in this strategic area of Benin
  • That our light would shine in a spiritually dark area pointing needy people to Jesus Christ.


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