Over that last few weeks, Missionary Colin Ovanell and Pastor Zak have been able to secure the land that was promised by the chief of Boiffo. The five acres of land are ideally situated just to the east of the village. Cotton has been sown and harvested on this piece of land for decades, but this week we began to prepare the land for a much greater sowing and reaping: the sowing of gospel seeds and a reaping of souls for whom Christ died. It's our hope that the clinic which will be built on this land will enable a harvest of souls in this region.

Earlier last week the first steps in the construction process began with the digging of a well. The well, which is being dug by pick, shovel, and bucket, is set to be cased this week. Stone and sand are being delivered to the property, and shortly after the well is finished, cement block production will begin.

Ground breaking is always an exciting step for any project that involves a building; yet this excitement is balanced by grand task that still lies ahead. Pray with us for wisdom in organizing this project. Much of the hired labor will be from the village of Boiffo. Pray for this project to be used in a way that will promote greater relationships with the people of the village. Pray that Christ and the Gospel would be lifted up before those engaged in the project and those watching. Pray for the funding still needed to complete this project.

Pastor Zak  & The Village Chief

Panaramic Shot of the Land Given for the Clinic

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