leadershipThe senior leadership team of the Benin Clinic Project consists of three individuals who are responsible for direction of the daily operational organization. They oversee all the activities of staff and volunteers in Benin as well as have responsibility for management of clinic property, buildings, funds, and supplies.

Colin Ovenell is a missionary with Faith Baptist Mission (FBM) serving in Benin. He and his family have a heart for the spiritual and physical welfare of the Dendi, Fulani, and Zerma ethnic peoples in northern Benin.

Bryan Bell is the Executive Director of GDMMissions. He was raised in the Congo (DRC) and served as a missionary in Botswana under GFA before assuming directorship of GDMMissions in 2007.

Pastor Zack is a national pastor who also serves on the board of a national association of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Benin. Both Pastor Zack and his church demonstrate a zeal for Gospel ministry and discipleship.

The senior leadership of the Benin Clinic Project perform their various management duties by coordinating among each other on a regular basis. They divide tasks and responsibilities for effective operation of the Bible institute and clinic.

The Benin Clinic Project is overseen by the board of directors of GDMMissions and missionaries serving under FBM.  They provide non-binding advice and assistance to the members of the organization in accordance with the by-laws. They conduct a comprehensive review of the Project annually.

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